Kaizena: Terrific Tool for Giving Meaningful Feedback to Students

Online program is easy to learn and navigate. Allows teachers to give personalized feedback on student work.


Kaizena is a student feedback program that allows instructors to provide meaningful and personalized commentary on submitted work. Teachers have the ability to highlight specific areas of submitted work (sentences, words, or paragraphs) and leave audio or written feedback for that highlighted area. This is an effective tool for both blended and online classes as it allows for teachers an intimate setting where feedback on student work is specific and finely tuned to student’s needs.

Getting Started

Do you dread sitting down and marking student work? Kaizena offers an amazing alternative where assessing student work becomes a rewarding experience for both teachers and students. Check out this short video on how to get started on Kaizena!

Teaching Ideas

Idea 1- Provide Personalized Feedback

Kaizena allows teachers to provide detailed written and audio feedback to student work. Teachers can highlight specific sections of student work and link that area to written or audio feedback.

Idea 2- Connect Lessons to Student Work

Through Kaizena teachers are able to construct a group of lessons, for example a YouTube video detailing how to use APA Citations, and link that lesson directly to the specific area of student work. This tool allows students to be linked directly to lessons to see where they might have gone wrong or alternatively where they went right.

Idea 3- Connect Feedback directly with Assessment Criteria

Teachers are able to highlight specific areas of student work and provide a leveled grade on the associated skill being assessed. For example giving students a level 3 for citations or a level 4 for persuasive writing. This tool allows teachers to be as transparent as possible when assessing student work.

Helpful Resources


The greatest part of Kaizena is that it is free to use!

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