Google Classroom – The Key to a Paperless Classroom

It is taking classrooms by storm. Test out this intuitive platform that increases productivity and reduces teacher workload.


Have you always wanted to reduce the number of wasted photocopies you make every year? Are you looking for a user-friendly platform? Look no more! Google Classroom is an online blended learning platform that is readily available to educators as part of Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Google Classroom allows teachers to set up a collaborative online learning space where students can submit assignments, complete quizzes, access shared documents, comment on posts, and easily access class files with Google Drive seamlessly integrated.

Key educational benefits of this tool:

  • Creating a paperless classroom has never been easier – share Google Docs, invite peer collaboration, and easily collect student assignments in one easy-to-navigate platform.
  • Google Classroom allows for seamless integration of all Google Apps (Google Docs, Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Sheets, Forms, Slides).
  • Content is available 24/7 and can be accessed on any mobile device with an internet browser.

Getting Started

Google has developed numerous how-to videos, making it easy for educators to participate in professional development and implement new ideas in the classroom.

Teaching Ideas

Google Classroom has unlimited potential. It has been called “Google Drive Management”…providing educators and students an easy way to connect all that Google Apps for Education has to offer. Here are just a few ways that Google Classroom can make your life easier!

Idea 1 – Post Templates / Notes

Google Classroom’s media stream is the perfect platform for posting student handouts, assignments, or URL links. No longer can students use the excuse, “I forgot my homework at school.” When templates are created in Google Docs, students can easily begin to collaborate on tasks. Documents can be tailored to individual student needs, and shared with specific individuals rather than the whole class.

Idea 2 – Communicate from a Distance

Never fret about sudden illness. Use Google Classroom to communicate from a distance. Leaving supply material has never been easier – simply upload student instructions, URL links, a video file or attachments from home. Similarly, students who are away from class can see what they have missed and proactively work to get caught up.

Idea 3 – Complete, Track and Evaluate Paperless Quizzes and Assignments

Tired of trying to track down missing assignments? Do you waste time marking multiple choice and true/false questions? Use Google Classroom as an online assessment tool. Quizzes and Assignments can be easily shared using a URL or through one of Google’s G Suite Apps (such as Google Forms). Students can submit their assignment electronically, attaching required documents or photos to their submission. Educators can easily assess student work, assign a grade, and provide individualized feedback.

Helpful Resources


Did you know that Google Classroom is FREE for educators? All Google G Suite for Education programs are free.

Author: bkoebel92

Brandon Koebel is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of youth. He is a secondary math teacher in Ontario and is currently working towards his Master of Education degree with a focus on education and digital technology at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Oshawa). Brandon is particularly interested in meaningful mobile technology integration. Brandon serves as Vice Chair on the Hanover and District Hospital Board of Governors, and was previously a Governor at Trent University. In his spare time, Brandon enjoys water skiing, swimming, CrossFit and running.

2 thoughts on “Google Classroom – The Key to a Paperless Classroom”

  1. Good work on the post Brandon! I think the key ingredient to all of Google’s collaborative tools is that they are free and easily accessible from just about anywhere. It’s really hard to think about downsides in using Google Classroom as an educational tool. Obviously if students have restricted access to technology at home how does the education system bridge the divide so all student have equal access to technology while they are outside the classroom?


    1. I love the idea of a central hub of communication, no need to login to multiple platforms, plus the user interface is so simple and easy to navigate. Thanks for sharing some great ideas on how to get the most out of Google Classoom.


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