Moodle Accessibility block

Provide users with easy access to accessibility tools within Moodle

The Accessibility block is a plug-in for Moodle that provides easy access to accessibility tools in the LMS. At its most basic, the Accessibility block provides a means to change the text size and colour scheme. The settings can be set to persist between sessions. That much could be accomplished with browser settings and client-side CSS, although the plug-in makes the settings easier to access. The plug-in takes accessibility in Moodle to another level by integrating the ATbar. The ATbar is an open-source, cross-browser toolbar that provides additional accessibility tools. Features include text-to-speech, readability mode, and predictive word suggestions. Students and teachers alike can use the block to access and create content in Moodle when they might not otherwise be able to. See the following video for a demonstration of the tool:

While the Accessibility block is not part of a standard Moodle installation, it should be considered a high-priority addition to every deployment of the LMS.


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