Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Hurt Even More!

Together we can make it STOP!

By: Farheen Zaidi

We may have heard this phrase over a million times.  Unfortunately, no matter which age group you look at, there is always a fear of someone being bullied.  With the latest technology at hand, bullying has escalated to a newer level.  Cyber Bullying!  No matter how hard one may try to prevent it, it creeps its way into every classroom.  Us as educators can try our best to protect our students.  I suggest using technology to beat technology.  The following are the top three digital tools that can help you notice, stop and prevent cyberbullying from affecting your classroom.

Connect Safely

Connect Safely is an online resource that provides techniques for noticing the signs and symptoms of cyber bullying.  Gives great tips for appropriately dealing with and preventing negative side effects (to an extent) from occurring.  Great for teachers, parents, colleagues, and students.

Delete Cyberbullying

Delete cyberbullying is an amazing resource that provides great tips and techniques to someone in how they can protect themselves.  Gives links to latest petitions and news related to cyberbullying.


WikiHow Website for learning how to stop cyber bullying is just phenomenal.  Provides illustrations with detailed explanations on how to effectively catch the right signs and symptoms of someone affected by cyberbullying.  Gives great advice on how to deal with it and prevent it.  This is a must have.

Together We Can Make it Stop! 

Author: zfarheen

Farheen is a Masters of Education Graduate. She has a keen interest in understanding and promoting parental involvement with the use of technology inside and outside of the classroom. Her main profession is aiding learners with Mental Health Issues.

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