Does Technology Hurt your Body?

Task Performance affects

Before this web posting I was not aware of all the physical affects technology can have on the human body. Wedner (2015) states that technology is having an impact on how much information humans are able to retain. People think that multitasking increasing the amount of work and retention someone can complete. But does multitasking really have that impact? No, really we are allocating our working memory to more tasks and retaining less information (Wedner, 2015).

Physical Affects

Technology is increasing spine problems due to people looking down at their phones or tilting inwards towards monitors (Holmes, 2014). Are teachers aware of this impact and how damaging technology can when 14 year old reaches 30 years old?

Are you wiping down your phone every day with a disinfectant? Phones accumulate a lot of bacteria as a result can pass germs to anyone who uses the devices (Holmes, 2014). Are iPad’s within iPad carts being wiped down? Do schools have disinfectants that clean the technology but are not harmful to the students? Do educators teach students about cleaning their devices just like they clean a kitchen or bathroom?

When someone is on the screen too long it exhausts their eye sight which results in blurred vision (Holmes, 2014). Within Holmes (2014) it is stated that nearly 70% of American adults experienced symptoms of eye strain from being on their technology to long.

“Reading dark text on a bright screen can lead to muscle spasms at the temples” (Holmes, 2014). Are students complaining more about headaches after using their technology for a long period of time? From this research it is showing that there is a high potential for online environments to cause further issues for students health. What can we do about this as educators?

Mental Affects

Are 500 Facebook friends all really friends to that person? Socially an epidemic is occurring. People feel as though higher number of likes on social network websites such Facebook means you are more popular. Holmes (2014) states that research used to suggest that social networking websites caused feelings of loneliness but research has shifted now to suggest that lonely people just turn to Facebook more often.

Do you have the need to find an answer to a question right away or read though so much material that you get overwhelmed? Holmes (2014) states that “excessive social media use may increase our stress levels” which has had a connection to increased anxiety.

Have you ever left your cell phone at home and felt withdrawals? 66% of people would feel panicked without their phones (Holmes, 2014).


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Author: laurasmartblog

K-12 educator, passion for 21 century digital tools, equity and special education, M.Ed student @uoitmed

One thought on “Does Technology Hurt your Body?”

  1. Laura Thanks for sharing this Post. Until I went through a personal experience, I never gave thought that technology can negatively affect your health. Like life we need a balance.


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