Thinking of Flipping? Try These Out!

Top List of Resources for Flipping your Classroom


By: Farheen Zaidi, Marcia  Anderson and Shirley Merith

Thinking of Flipping Your Classroom?  Don’t know where to start?  Need the right list to get you going?  Look no further.  Here is a list of the top resources that you can use.  Let your creative journey begin.

  • Ted Ed Talk from Salman Khan – The creator of Khan Academy, Salman Khan,  speaks about how his entire collection of educational videos is based on the concept of the flipped classroom model.  Furthermore, he provides methods of how to meaningfully use technology to effectively integrate a flipped classroom model into your own classroom.
  • Flipped Learning – Online website that has links to various resources, webinars, videos and examples to promote the usage of flipped classroom into pedagogy.
  • Youtube – A video clearly explaining the need and method of how a flipped classroom is integrated into learning.  Furthermore, Youtube can be used to upload videos for students to be able to remotely access.  
  • Moodle – Technological platform that can be used to promote student collaboration within a flipped classroom.  
  • Edmodo – Technological platform that can be used to promote student collaboration within a flipped classroom.
  • Screencasting tools– These tools can be used to create videos for students to watch. Some are free and others you pay.
  • Wikispaces encourages collaboration amongst students. Through content presented by a teacher, students can participate in discussions, review and make comments in and outside of  class. Teachers can track how engaged students are with the content of the work.
  • Zaption – Allows you to create engaging videos.
  • How TED-ED Site Turns YouTube Videos To ‘Flipped’ Lessons – This article with how-to videos demonstrates how videos can be turned into flipped lessons.

Author: zfarheen

Farheen is a Masters of Education Graduate studies candidate at UOIT. She has a keen interest in understanding and promoting parental involvement with the use of technology inside and outside of the classroom.

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