Prodigy Math Game: Free Online Gamification Made the Way it Ought to Be!


Prodigy is a free, interactive, adaptive, Pokemon-style Math video-game created by two Canadians, Alex Peters and Rohan Mahimker in 2011.  Prodigy is an on-line Math platform which allows students to practice Math curriculum-based content, Ontario, Common-Core, MAFS, or TEKS while being guided by the host named ‘Noot.’  The teacher selects the appropriate Country, State or Province and 1 to 8 grade level for their students where there are built in game supports such as the questions being read aloud, hints, lessons, and virtual manipulatives that support differentiated learning.  Teachers can use the individual student data as diagnostic or formative assessments to differentiate and support student learning needs using real-time reports.  Diagnostic, Formative, or Summative assessments can also be customized in the Teacher Dashboard where the teacher is able to control exactly what math content the students see during the game without them knowing.  Students can play the game individually or collaboratively in a Multiplayer World as well as practice their math skills and share their learning at home with their family on this free, 24/7 educational math platform.

Getting Started

Teaching Ideas

Idea 1 – Playing with Virtual and Hands-on Manipulatives

Students can explore and demonstrate how the Virtual Manipulatives that are available in most skills areas, can be used to support all learners while playing the game.  In whole or small group learning, students can play the game on the Teacher’s account using the hands-on manipulatives that are available in the classroom.  The teacher can monitor or support the students to ensure the manipulative is used appropriately.  This also reinforces the importance of using manipulatives to solve problems whether they are playing an on-line or a hands-on game.

Idea 2 – Use the Prodigy Planner

Create assignments using Prodigy Planner  to support the content that is currently being taught in the class using the Calendar tool.  This tool allows teachers to use Prodigy to plan ahead and add assignments on a specific start date to reinforce or introduce new concepts in school and at home.

Idea 3 – Easily Differentiate Assignments

Teachers can create differentiated assignments with the Math content by choosing the grade level, math skills and selecting the specific students to complete the assignment.  Create homework assignments for students to share their learning at home with their family.  When teachers assign specific skills for each of the students to practice, they can monitor the student’s data on the Teacher Dashboard and support as needed in the classroom.

Helpful Resources

Be in the Know! Click on Prodigy Blog to learn about new features

Minds On Math Videos for K-12 Teachers and Students 5 Best Math Channels on YouTube for Teachers and StudentsResource

Why Gamification in the Classroom? Changing the Game in Education


Free Version

  • Teachers and students can use Prodigy math game 24/7 online platform for free.
  • Teachers can send home a Parent Letter to learn about how their child can link to their account, use at home, access reports, weekly usage data, and an email about the child’s progress.
  • Free online Video Tutorials Training for Teachers on ‘How to get Started,’ ‘How to use Prodigy’s Reporting and Assessment tools,’ and ‘Using a Planner’ to align the game with our math curriculum in class.
  • Free online Training Sessions are offered regularly, where teachers can sign up to learn how they can use the game and get great student results.
  • Over 900, Grade 1-8 curriculum math skills that adapt to student’s skill base.
  • Free Achievement Certificates that can be downloaded to reward student success.

Paid Version

  • An optional parent upgrades that has no impact on the learning on Prodigy.  The upgrades only unlocks extra features such as new hairstyles for student’s character.
  • Become a Prodigy Member of a Monthly Plan for $8.95/month or Yearly Plan for $4.99/month.  Features that Members receive.

Other Helpful Resources  

The Ontario Curriculum Grades 1-8 Math

Common Core State Standards

Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS)

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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