Zipit with Zaption- Great tool for interactive videos

Make our lessons zip by using an engaging video tool for learning inside and outside of classroom.

By: Shirley Merith


Zaption is an interactive video tool that makes online videos come alive. You can easily upload videos and customize them to suit your lessons. Create interactive videos that will motivate and engage your learners. Add a variety of elements such as true and false, discussion, multiple choice,and open response questions to your videos. Zaption videos encourage critical thinking, checks for understanding and take students from passively watching videos to interacting with them.  Videos can be used in presentation format as an in-class activity, or for online learning with flipped classrooms and blended learning.

Getting Started

Zaption is an easy  tool to use that keeps students focused on the video lesson. This tutorial will help you to become familiar with the features of Zaption.

Teaching Ideas

Here are some ideas of how you can use Zaption in your lessons.

In Class Activity 

Instead of just showing the traditional type of videos, enhance your lessons with zaption. Find a presentation on the subject you are teaching then add your interactive elements. Show it in presentation mode and have the class respond to the video questions in real time. Students can watch the results on the screen in front of the classroom.

Online Lessons

Create or select videos for your online classes. Use the sidebar or the overlaid elements to add comments or to clarify important topics.  Embed assessments such as true and false, short answer and multiple choice into lessons that students can answer on their own. Follow up using the analytics tool to monitor how the students are progressing.

Record Your Lessons

Take the time to record your class lessons. Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or whatever platform you want to use. Add your video to zaption with key concepts related to what happened during the class. Students will be able to use this as a review of what was discussed. Zaption videos are easily considered to be a digital extension of your classroom teaching.

Helpful Resources

Resource #1

Zaption Tours – An extensive set of video tours that makes creating a zaption video easy.

Resource  #2

Changing students – An impressive article about how zaption is changing the way students view videos.

Resource #3

10 more tools– Zaption is one of the new tools used to engage with students.


Free Version

You can download the Zaption basic use version. With basic use you can, add text, images, multiple choice, True and False, open response, discussion questions, draw. This tool can also be used tool to analyze student performance. Zaption can be used in presentation form for in-class activities, or you can send the link to students to view and participate in online lessons.

Paid Version

Pro version cost of $10.00usd per month this provides you with more detailed data on student’s responses. Advanced capabilities. You can upload 120 minutes of private videos to Zaption’s private servers. Download student’s responses to CSV file.

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