Tackk – A Place to Connect, Create and Collaborate on the Web

By Tyler Pollard


Brief Video Description of Tack

Tackk is an online tool, which allows you, the user, to add visually rich multimedia to a blank canvas in order to create a simple one-page website.  Within this easy-to-use platform, you can insert videos, photos, audio etc. and publish all kinds of content ranging from newsletters, flyers, and blogs to how-to guides and advertisements, which can all be shared with others, or stored privately.

According to the tackk.com website, “Tackk is a place to connect with friends, share creativity and have conversations. By combining creative moments and social content, we make it easy for users to create and chat about what matters most to them. It’s a fun way to express creativity wherever you are”.

TackkEdu, found on the main webpage, provides educational resources and real teacher examples of how to integrate Tackk effectively within the classroom:

Key educational benefits of this tool:

  • Simple Creation: Tackk is an easy way for students and teachers to create and share pages on the web. Embed over 300 of your favorite apps within Tackk such as ThingLink and Animoto
  • Spark Creativity: Students tap into creativity using colors, fonts, patterns, images, video, audio and more without needing any special design or technical skills.
  • Collaboration: Students can use their phone, tablet or computer to collaborate and interact using a fun Tackk Stream. Students and teachers can also create a Tackkboard which is a single page designated to store a collection of Tackks
  • Feedback:  Tackk automatically generates a comment section for each new page, which can also function as an instant discussion forum.
  • Privacy Settings: Tackk has privacy settings and password protection to safeguard students and teachers’ intellectual property.
  • It is free!

Access Details and Cost

Not only is Tackk free, but you do not even have to signup/register to build a Tackk page!  Just type “tackk.com” into your browser and start editing your new Tackk page within seconds.  However, it should be noted that an “unregistered” page is only available on the website for up to seven days.

If you decide to go for a free account, you will be able to create Tackks that never expire, the ability to create multiple Tackks as well as give all your pages custom URLs.

Getting Started

Tackk has multiple sign-in options.  You can visit Tackk.com on any device and sign up with email/PW, or use a social account (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Edmodo, etc.) to sign up with one click. You may also download the Tackk App.

Once you create an account, click on the blue “Create” button to get started making your own Tackk! The site generates a unique page address whenever you start a new page.  Unfortunately, this URL cannot be changed but on the positive side, your Tackk page can be freely shared with others!  Your Tackk account allows you to create multiple pages as well as keep track of them using ‘My Tackks”.

If you need help Tackk, you can follow @Tackk for how-tos, announcements, and examples or go to the Tackk FAQs

How to use Tackk

Teaching Ideas

To search for ideas of how educators and students are using Tackk, please visit TackkEdu.  On this site, you can find numerous templates to get your class creating with Tackk (ex. book reports, class assignments, etc.).  Teachers can also find more examples of classroom application on the Tackk Pinterest Boards.  On the TackkEdu site, there are also resources available to help teachers blend their classroom using Tackk, create class assignment boards, and use Tackk and ThingLink (a platform for creating images and videos on the web) in almost every subject in education.  To access free classroom lessons, you can check out ThingLink/Tackk lessons where students are able to combine both these tools to focus on digital storytelling, blogging, or any other classroom project.  Lastly, follow the TackkEdu Blog for inspirational ideas on how other teachers are using Tackk for educational purposes.

Teaching Ideas

As explained above, there are many ways to incorporate Tackk into your lesson planning, for all age levels, to allow students to create digital assignments.  I would like to provide four interesting ideas which are geared towards K-12.

Idea 1 – Portfolio Assignment (K-12)

Have your students create ePortfolios where they can collect electronic evidence (or artifacts) in the form of text, multimedia, electronic files etc., which their peers and/or teacher can assess using a clear marking rubric.

Idea 2 – Advertisement/Invitation Assignment (K-12)

Have students learn about marketing/business by advertising and/or making an invitation for a significant event at their schools such as a graduation or fundraiser.

Idea 3 – Electronic Journal Assignment (K-12)

Have students document a road trip from start to finish using Tackk as an electronic journal assignment.  For example, students can record where they went, who they met and the fun they had by uploading pictures + video memories on to their Tackk page.  Check out how Tackk user @wanadorigo documented her travels from her hometown in Brazil to living in Canada.

Idea 4 – Digital Challenge Assignment (K-12)

Tackk is a great tool for students to display their digital photography, video creation projects and/or audio files. Have your students curate a page full of multimedia as a culminating exercise to demonstrate their mastery of the Information, Media and Technological Skills detained in the P21 Framework for 21st Century Learning.

Helpful Resources

Resource 120 Ways to Use Tack in the Classroom

This site provides a very clear list of useful applications for Tackk within the classroom and for other educational purposes such as parent communication, tutor communication, and school/class newsletters!

Resource 2How to Use Tackk in Your Classroom

Authentic examples from real teachers on how to use Tackk within the classroom, which is organized, interestingly enough, on a Tackk page!

Resource 310 ways to use Tackk as a mini-content or Learning Management System

An informative site called “Sylvia’s English Online”, which promotes 10 ideas for using Tackk for class assignments within the field of TESL.

Resource 4How Educators & Students are Using Tackk

Another compilation of practical ways Tackk can be integrated within the classroom and around the school.

Author: Submitted by Tyler Pollard

Contact Info: tyler.pollard@algomau.ca

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