Poll Everywhere!





Poll Everywhere is a website that allows the user to create polls with live time results appearing on their screen. The user has the ability to customize the way the results appear as well! You can make multiple choice questions or short answers.


Key educational benefits of this tool:

  • Create live polls for your students to demonstrate their learning or prior knowledge
  • Capture real time results of a survey and discuss with your class the answers


Access Details and Cost

Free Version

  • With a free version you can create live polls where you can embed the results into a presentation, you can have a maximum of 40 responses, and use multiple question types
  • Sign up here!

Paid Version

  • For a onetime $50 annual fee
    • You will be able to access the free features plus be able to show the correct answers, download statistics, manually approve each message, have up to 40 responses per poll, and you can prevent specific language being used.
  • For a onetime $1000 annual fee
    • You will be able to access the listed features above plus create team competitions, share your poll with other teachers, 200 or more responses per poll, and create a school wide event
  • For further information about pricing please click here.

Getting Started

Teaching Ideas

Idea 1 – Checking for Understanding (General)

Use Poll Everywhere to quickly assess how effective your lesson was. You can assess through creating multiple choice or a short sentence responses. The results will be displayed immediately.

Idea 2 – Demonstrating Students Understanding (General)

Ever wonder if students really understood the material you just presented to them? Students can demonstrate their learning by responding to the questions you provide them.

Idea 3 –Responsible Technology Use (General)

Do your students really know how to responsibly use technology in the classroom? You can teach them by allowing them to respond to the questionnaire on their cell phones or devices as long as they have access to the Wi-Fi.

Idea 4 – Assess Prior Knowledge (K-12/ Higher Education)

Not sure if your students know much about the topic you are teaching? Let them answer some questions to see what prior knowledge of the subject matter they have.

Idea 5 – Practice Multiple Choice Questions (K-12/ Higher Education)

Are your students nervous about writing the EQAO due to the multiple choice questions? Allow them to practice with simple questions and analyze why people chose specific answers. The answers are anonymous so everyone will get to learn from each other’s responses without knowing who gave them.

Helpful Resources

Resource 1 – – Formulating Good Questions

Blooms Taxonomy and the different level of questions website shows educators how to build questions when they are looking for students to demonstrate specific skills/ knowledge.

 Resource 2 – Poll Everywhere Tutorials

These are short and easy to follow tutorials about the different functions of Poll Everywhere.

Resource 3 – Advantages To Online Surveys

Check out 10 advantages to why online surveys engage your targeted audience and survey creators!

Resource 4 – A Guide To Making Surveys

A great introductory resource to teaching survey creators how to make surveys, different survey question types, best practices for writing survey questions, survey formatting tips, and things to lookout for when making a survey.


Submitted by Laura Smart

Contact Info: laura.mb.smart@gmail.com, Instagram @lmbsmart,

Bio: My name is Laura Smart. I am a strong advocate for segmenting tasks as my area of focus is in the area of special education. This area requires dynamic leaders to break down tasks for all learners.



Author: laurasmartblog

K-12 educator, passion for 21 century digital tools, equity and special education, M.Ed student @uoitmed

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