Evernote – At Your Fingertips!

Overview (2:00)


Evernote is a productivity and organization app available on smartphones, tablets and computers on the Windows and iOs operating systems.  Evernote allows you to write, archive, take notes and present all your ideas into one workspace. This productivity app also makes it easy to clip information from the web (images, text, links) into your account. Other notable add-on features include Skitch, Scannable and Penultimate and many more which are available for download here. Skitch is a visual presentation tool. Scannable allows you to scan high-quality images from your notes to be shared or saved or made printable. Lastly, Penultimate works with your iPad to create beautiful handwritten notes which can be synced to you Evernote account. 

Key Educational Benefits

  • Teaches users how to organize their projects, thoughts and ideas
  • Productivity tool that can make projects and ideas shareable
  • Large storage to keep materials/lesson plans in one workspace
  • Add on features (Google Drive, Outlook, and more) easily synced with Evernote

Access Details and Cost

Free Version

  • The Basic version allows you to clip information anywhere on the web, share and discuss in Evernote and syncs across phones and computers
  • Unfortunately, there is not an educator reduced price, but they do offer pricing for Business

Paid Version

  • There are three levels of payments ranging from ($28.99, $57.99, $120/yr)
  • Plus package ($28.99) features includes 1 GB of storage, passcode protection, syncing across phones + computer, offline access to notes, sharing capabilities and saved emails to Evernote
  • The Premium packaged individually priced at $57.99 (or $12 per user for businesses) includes 10GB of new uploads each month, presentation features, annotate attached PDFs, scan/digitize business cards, clip notes from anywhere online, and see related content to your notes
  • The Business package ($120yr or $12/user/month) features allow teams to collaborate in a single workspace, share and give feedback in one app, and keeps team projects organized
  • Also included in the Business package is an administrator section where they have access to fast on-boarding and SSO, central user administration and enhance security with TLS/SSL


Getting Started (3:08)

Teaching Ideas

Idea 1 – Create ideas for Curriculum (General)

Evernote allows you to take organized notes and clip valuable information/materials off the web and store them in your accounts.

Idea 2 – Organize & Deliver Lesson Plans (General)

Organizing lesson plans are easy. Simply use the tag feature to organize classes, for example, use the tag ‘week 2’ etc. All materials will be available for that specific tag. You can make notebooks shareable which you can send to your students so they understand what lessons they will be learning. It can also be made visually appealing with added graphics and images.

Idea 3 – Share Lesson Plans (General)

Notebooks of lesson plans can easily be shared with your students, parents, fellow teachers, and administrators.

Idea 4 – Make grading easier (General)

Scan graded quizzes, tests and exams and add them to your Evernote account. You can also share this with a teaching assistant to help with the grading process.

Idea 5 – Have students work on projects together (General)

Students can work together on projects by sharing their own thoughts and ideas into one account, however, this is not a live function like Google Docs. However, students can share their ideas and edit from there.

Idea 6 – Turn notes into meaningful flashcards (General)

With the help of StudyBlue, you can create meaning digital flashcards and practice quizzes from your notebooks. You can also create, share and compare notes. Available on: Web only.

Idea 7 – Reference (K-12, H.E)

Made available via RefMe, this add-on feature allows you to create, edit and manage your citations straight to your Evernote notebook. This feature can teach students how to properly reference information. Available on: Android, iPhone, Web. 

Idea 8 – Memorize notes (General)

It is easy to memorize notes with the help of this add-on feature. Eidetic is helpful for students in memorizing dates, numbers and facts which can be connected to your Evernote account.  Available on: iPad and iPhone only

Idea 9 – Professional Development (General)

Teachers can use Evernote to compile their understandings, resources and new idea for research, conferences and workshops.

Idea 10 – Provide Audio Instruction (General)

Teachers can record their own voices to be used to instruct students on assignments or lessons for later playback. This is a very helpful tool for students who miss class. How to record audio into Evernote.

Idea 11 – Demonstrate Student Understanding (General)

Students can show their understanding either in audio or text by sharing their knowledge with their teachers via notebooks.

Idea 12 – Monitor Student Feedback (General)

Teachers can create separate entries for each student and tag their work and learning targets as it comes in. Teachers can even take a picture to upload for documentation purposes and for parent conferences.

Idea 13 – Learning Targets (General)

Teachers can compile standards of achievements/learning targets in their notebooks to be shared with other teachers, students and parents.

Helpful Resources

Resource 1 – Tips & Tutorials

This helpful learning center by Evernote includes detailed tutorials with visuals to help you navigate their interface plus helpful productivity tips.

Resource 2 – Evernote Youtube Channel

Evernote very own Youtube channel is stocked with over 200 videos ranging from how to set up Evernote on Mac platform to user testimonials.

Resource 3 – Productivity Hacks using Evernote

This website gives you 10 easily digestible productivity hacks when using Evernote. Includes helpful visuals and step by step instructions

Resource 4 – 5 Tips for Teachers using Evernote

This website shows you how to maximize Evernote for teachers.

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