Blow Your Students’ Minds with Mindomo

by Reena Taeput

Save him! This poor student’s teacher did not talk to him about Mindomo.


Mindomo is a web-based application for mind mapping. It allows students to organize their ideas in a map or outline format. Mind maps can be enhanced by adding voice notes, pictures, hyperlinks, and videos. Students can also share their information with classmates using the present feature. Mindomo is compatible with many platforms and also allows the teacher to create assignments, share files, and monitor student progress. Best of all – your first three Mindomo maps are free!

Getting Started

Begin your mind mapping journey by watching the introduction video below.

Teaching Ideas

Revitalize your classroom with these practical Mindomo teaching ideas:

Idea 1 – Revolutionize Note Taking (General)

Students can use this method to take notes about key information. Younger students, who may not know how to spell words, they can illustrate concepts using symbols and pictures. Older students have the ability to show their ideas in a concise way.

Idea 2 – Pre-writing Activity (K-12)

Too often, students get anxious when working on writing tasks. Teaching students to use Mindomo before beginning to write helps to organize their thoughts and establish a plan. Teachers can model the use of the application and then gradually release the responsibility so that students are empowered to work on their own. This helps to ensure support student success with writing.

Idea 3 –Portfolio Entry (General)

A mind map can be used to support student learning as it helps them to reflect on what they know and asset goals for improvement. Students can include this in their portfolios to share with teachers and parents. In addition, teachers can use this student work as a means to gauge student understanding and what further teacher strategies can be applied to support the further development of their skills.

Helpful Resources

Resource 1 – Quick Tutorial on Mindomo

This easy to follow video gives you a brief intro to the main features of Mindomo.

Resource 2 – Latest Information on the Mindomo Blog

Visit the main blog for this program to receive important information around updates and improvements. It contains a search feature and different categories to allow for easy access.

Resource 3 – Mind Mapping Galore

This is the website for the software for mind mapping and information organization offers in-depth discussion on using mind maps in education.

Cost and Alternatives

Free Version

Mindomo is free to use. Teachers in Ontario have free access because the Ministry of Education bought a software license for educators. Members of the Public get to create three mind maps at no cost before they have to sign up for a paid version. To sign up for an account, you need to provide an email address. Go to and sign up for a free account today.

Paid Versions

After you make your three initial maps, you will be hooked and want to sign up for the paid version. There are different levels of paid versions – with each higher price giving you additional features. Such features include increased storage space in the cloud and sharing the account with guest users, who can add to the files. Click here for more information on the paid versions.

Here are some alternatives:




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