Assess FOR Learning With Socrative

By Jennifer Allore


Imagine formative assessment, but without the paper! Welcome to Socrative. This web-based student response tool can be used in the connected k-12 and higher education classroom. Teachers can create quizzes or question-based activities and receive instantaneous responses. There’s no more waiting to find out how students are doing – you can find out immediately in class. To spice things up, there’s also a gaming option, the Space Race, where students can compete against each other in real time. Teachers can also share quiz resources with other registered educators online and can save student report data on their own devices.

Getting Started

Socrative is surprisingly easy to get started. Let’s jump right in.

Teaching Ideas

Idea 1 – Teacher created quizzes (General)

Quizzes can be created in multiple choice, true/false, and short-answer format to assess prior knowledge or check for preconceptions or misconceptions before learning, or to assess student comprehension or to check for synthesis during a lesson. The “Space Race” game is useful especially during longer lessons to energize the students with some friendly competition and to provide them an incentive to learn. Finally, a teacher could quiz after a lesson to find out learning and comprehension gaps. This could be through specific pre-made questions or more general open-ended questions where students respond with questions they still have about the lesson.

Idea 2 – Student Created Quizzes (4-12, HE)

Students can also make similar quizzes for peer-to-peer testing. To do so, they would need to open a teacher account, which should be relatively straightforward for older children. They can then begin to create questions and tests for their own classmates to answer. Creating questions is a great way for a student to consolidate their learning. Depending on the grade, teachers could also guide learners to co-create higher order questions for their peers.

Idea 3 – Polling to assess satisfaction and self-confidence (General)

Teachers can use Socrative to conduct classroom polls during or after an activity or module to assess student self-awareness as learners, building metacognitive skills. Polling can also help the teacher understand learner reactions to the teacher, the activity, or assignment. The teacher can also use open-ended questions to receive immediate feedback anonymously.

Helpful Resources

10 Ways of using Socrative

Official Socrative User Guide

Beyond assessment: 3 other uses for Socrative


Free Version

Both teachers and students can use Socrative for free. While students can access it instantly on the web, teachers can set up an account here.

Paid Version

For more sophisticated assessment and tracking needs, the Socrative creator, Mastery Connect, offers both free and paid options.

Verified Teachers – Free

Teacher Prod – $249USD/year

School / District – $7USD/student/year

Author: Jennifer Allore

Jennifer Allore is a Master of Education student at UOIT focusing on education and digital technologies. She is an adult educator with over a decade of experience specializing in English language education.

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