Spark Something in Your Classroom with Adobe Spark


Adobe Spark is a website and iOS app suite that allows teachers and students to create stunning social images, videos and web pages. Creations can be shared socially, embedded on a web page or downloaded for offline viewing. Because of Spark’s simplified interface and ease of use, creations can be developed rapidly and shared instantly with a limited or broad audience.

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started with Adobe Spark, check out the video below for a leg-up on how to begin.

Teaching Ideas

Idea 1 – Flipped Classrooms

Spark Videos and Pages are an excellent way to flip your classroom and have it look good. Students can visit the video or page as often as they like outside of class. Did I mention they look great?

Idea 2 – Metacognition and Reflection

Get your students thinking about their learning by asking them to create a Page or Video (or a Page with embedded Video!) about their learning. Updates could be done on a weekly or project-based schedule to show students how they’ve learned over time.

Idea 3 – Authentic Assessment & Feedback

Because Adobe Spark is so easy to use and update, teachers can create feedback Pages or Videos for each student. The link can be shared with the student and their parents privately so that everyone is “in the loop” about the student’s learning. Parent-teacher night just got a whole lot more productive!

Helpful Resources

Three resources for Adobe Spark to jump-start your Spark journey:


You can sign up for Spark for free by clicking here. You can register by email, Google Account or Facebook, or login with an existing, free Adobe account. Total cost of ownership: $0.

Adobe has stated that none of the features on Adobe Spark will get stuck behind a paywall. If paid features are developed in the future, they will be exclusive to the current feature set, which will remain free. The only caveat is that #AdobeSpark appears on Post images unless shared on Twitter or Facebook. When shared, the watermark is automatically removed.

If needed, more detailed and complex websites can be created for free at Weebly, which works on a freemium model.

Author: Carl Dennis

MEd Candidate at UOIT. Game, EdTech and computer lover.

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