PowToon – A Powerful Educational Tool


PowToon Education Video (1:59)

PowToon is an animated presentation and video production tool. With a large number of templates and characters to choose from, you can easily produce high quality professional looking videos. You can also add music soundtracks as well as voiceover, export to PDF, PPT, SlideShare or MP4 and even publish right to YouTube. Files are also mobile-ready.

Key Educational Benefits of This Tool

  • Facilitates Effective Communication

Developing and communicating information and new ideas to others has a strong impact on learning.

  • Increases Engagement and Motivation to Learn

Curriculum is most effective when learners are engaged and motivated to learn. Animated cartoon characters instantly engage learners in the content and make learning fun.

  • Promotes Creativity and Innovation

Providing opportunities for creativity allows learners to take ownership of learning, which leads to deeper retention and meaning.

  • Creates a Safe Environment

Using animated characters and words to tell stories and present ideas gives a voice to shy students and those with speech challenges.

  • Offers Learning Independence

Students learn best when they “pull” learning. Pre-recorded learning that students can access based on their individual needs can increase learner independence and skill confidence.

Getting Started

How to Use this Tool (5:04)

Teaching Ideas

Idea 1 – Introduce an Assignment or Class challenge (General)

  • Create excitement around an assignment or challenge while also providing the assignment details for ongoing reference so students stay on target.

Idea 2 – Learning Videos (General)

  • Create small learning videos. Use them to introduce a lesson or provide them as supplementary learning for anyone who needs it.

Idea 3 – Teach Back (General)

  • Have students teach back a concept to show their understanding and build a library of peer lessons for the class or the world!

Idea 4 – Digital Storytelling (K-12)

  • Have learners create a story, bringing it to life through animation.

Idea 5 – Movie Trailer (General)

  • Have learners create a movie trailer to advertise an upcoming school event, presentation or a story they have written.

Helpful Resources

Resource 1 – How to Create an Awesome Animated Video Clip

Resource 2 – Learn How to Make an Animated Video in under 10 Minutes

Resource 3 – 11 Quick and Amazing ways to use PowToon in your Classroom

Resource 4 – PowToon Quick Start Guide

Resource 5 – PowToon Support Centre: Knowledge Base


Free Version

Education Trial: https://www.powtoon.com/edu-home/

There is no time limit for the trial license. However, templates and characters are limited, and downloads are not permitted, meaning your 15 minute videos must run on their public server.

Paid Version

Education Plans: https://www.powtoon.com/premium/#

  1. EDU PRO (Teacher license, create 15 minute videos, downloads permitted): $4.99/month = $59.88
  2. BASIC EDU PRO (Teacher license + 60 student licenses, downloads permitted): $8/month = $96.00
  3. ELITE EDU PRO (Teacher license + 60 student licenses, create 60 minute videos with unlimited styles and music, downloads permitted): $16/month = $192.00



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