From Passive to Active Presentations with Nearpod

Using Nearpod can incorporate interactivity into your presentations

By: Andrew Jaglall


Nearpod allows you to create presentations that you can have students follow along and join via the Nearpod website using computers or smartphones/smart devices. Nearpod allows you to pose questions to your audience during a presentation, which they can then respond to either by typing, drawing, or selecting an answer. Want to discuss a response to a question from one of your participants while in a presentation? Simply share that participants’ response anonymously and it will be instantly broadcasted to all participant’s screens. There are many pre-made Nearpod presentations free and ready for you to use to make your presentations more active and engaging.

Getting Started

Getting started with Nearpod is easy! Take a look at the following video where I go over the most useful and common features including creating, finding, and adding students to your Nearpod presentation.

Teaching Ideas

Nearpod can make your teaching more engaging and provide unique and efficient opportunities for assessing student understanding. Here are some teaching ideas on how to incorporate Nearpod into the classroom.

Idea 1 – Create Engaging Presentations for Online Synchronous Learning 

Use Nearpod to create presentations that students can join in and follow along. Using Nearpod, you can direct students from slide to slide to make sure they are keeping up with where you’re at in your presentation. It also provides interactive opportunities where students can draw/answer open-ended questions.

Idea 2 – Use Nearpod as a Quick Diagnostic Assessment 

Use Nearpod’s quiz feature as a quick diagnostic assessment after a lesson/presentation. Using the quiz feature will provide you with a quick pie chart analyzing and showing you the responses from your students. This option can give you a quick snapshot of the misconceptions/understandings of students in your class.

Idea 3 – Share Student Responses Anonymously 

After responding to an open-ended question, Nearpod gives you the option to anonymously share a solution to every student’s screen. This is a perfect opportunity to look at different solutions/ideas to solving problems and discuss the solutions/ideas as a class.

Helpful Resources

10 Ways of Using Nearpod in the Classroom
Nearpod in the Classroom – An Educators Toolkit
How Students Used Nearpod – A Practical Example


Nearpod is free to use. You can sign up and get access to main features needed to use Nearpod with a group of students. For $10 per month, you are able to access Nearpod’s gold feature which allows you to create field trip presentations, provides more space to save presentations, and the ability to integrate websites into your presentation.

School and district level pricing is available and depends on the needs of the school or district.

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