Plickers: Paper Clickers for the Classroom

Plickers is a tool that lets you collect real-time assessment data with one mobile device. It is a free program which needs minimal time for set-up.

by Roxanne Hibberd


Plickers is a program that uses a mobile device to provide instant feedback. The teacher is the only one who needs the device. Real-time information is gathered so teachers can find out if students understand the important points from the lesson.

Getting Started

Teaching Ideas

Idea 1 – Exit Ticket Strategy

Plickers is a great activity for assessments like Ticket Out the Door. The teacher asks questions at the end of the lesson to check for understanding. The data collected can be used for diagnostic and formative testing, checks for understanding, polls, and class surveys. Teachers receive immediate feedback in graph form.

Idea 2 – Real-time Assessment

The Plickers’ program is a great tool for reviewing the content taught during a lesson. Every student gets to respond because it is a safe environment to make mistakes. Teachers can also use it at the beginning of class for a diagnostic assessment to do a quick check. Prior knowledge can highlight any misconceptions in identifying the appropriate level for a student’s entry point. Students can be placed into learning groups based on their prior knowledge of the curriculum. Summative assessments also show whether students understood the lesson. The gathered data can help teachers plan for the next day to see if they have to revisit the concepts. Results are shared immediately.

Idea 3 – Social and Emotional Support

Plickers can also support a student’s self-assessment, especially for the social/emotional skills. Teachers can poll the emotional state of their students before the lesson. Teachers can add support when needed if students are not ready for learning. I use the Zones of Regulation in our school. The zones are identified by colours: yellow (agitated), red (angry), blue (tired), or green (ready for learning).

Helpful Resources

Resource 1 Presentation Kit

The Plickers’ presentation kit includes a getting started guide, presentation templates, and printable cards. The kit also includes videos which describe the setup of the program and teachers explaining how they use it. All the information needed to start is located on this site. 

Resource 2Ideas

The Plickers’ home site has an Ideas section where teachers can share their thoughts and suggest innovative ideas to the Plickers’ team on how to improve the program. 

Resource 3YouTube

Member of the Plickers’ community team provides a list of information to help teachers get started. The agenda guides teachers through a variety of steps describing how to use Plickers and how to set up the program.

Access Details and Cost

The Plickers’ program is free and available to be downloaded from the Apple App Store. It can also be downloaded from Google Play when using Android devices. The Plickers’ site provides a link for free downloads of the cards.


Author: Roxanne Hibberd

Roxanne is a principal in YRDSB. She has enjoyed being an educator for the past thirty-five years. Her passion for lifelong learning continues as she is a student in the UOIT MEd program.

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