Seesaw – Not Your Traditional Playground Equipment

Thinking about moving towards digital portfolios? Seesaw technologies give teachers and students control over documenting their learning processes.


By Melissa Bishop


Seesaw is an App that allows educators and students to document learning digitally through photos, videos, and audio recordings.  Teachers, parents, and peers can view and comment on student work in real-time. The teacher monitors and approves what students share on Seesaw.

Getting Started

The App is designed for students K-12, offering easy QR Code logins for young learners and individual login options for older students.  Students are assigned a personal portfolio where they can quickly insert work and documentation.

Teaching Ideas

Start using Seesaw in your classroom today.  Here are the top three ideas for using the Seesaw App:

Idea 1 – Document the Learning Process (K-12)

  • Seesaw can document the learning process.  Students can use the video feature to discuss their projected learning outcomes, type or import a document from Google Docs, create a photo-journal of the process, draw directly on a template, and add a voice recording to explain their thinking.  See a simple explanation from Seesaw here!

Idea 2 – No More Paperwork (K-12)

  • Seesaw can collect loose documents in one digital portfolio organized by student, class, school, and teacher.  Simply take a photo of the work you wish to store and add it to the students’ portfolio.  All documents are kept safe in a digital folder making it easy for teachers to refer to when writing student report cards and conferencing with parents.

Idea 3 – Provide Authentic Feedback (K-12)

  • Meaningful feedback is essential for students.  Seesaw encourages meaningful feedback by allowing the students’ peer group and their parents to comment or like posted work.    The teacher approves the feedback before being published to ensure that it is constructive.   Each time an item is added to a student’s portfolio, an update is sent to the parent via text, email, or the Seesaw Parent App.

Helpful Resources

The top 3 Resources you cannot live without when integrating Seesaw:

Resource 1 – Seesaw Tutorials & FAQ

·        Seesaw offers a range of tutorials for teachers to get started and FAQ sections to troubleshoot problems.

Resource 2 – Lessons with Seesaw

  • Seesaw has a section for lesson plans to help get you started and on your way to digital documenting!

Resource 3 – Connect with Educators

  • Seesaw’s Twitter account is a great space for idea sharing and connecting with other educators about the app.


Free Version:

·        Seesaw is available free to parents and students.

·        Teachers may use the service for up to 10 classes at a time for free.

·         The app works with IOS and Android devices, Kindle Fire, Chrome Books, and computers with Chrome or Firefox.

Paid Version:

·        When teachers have more than ten classes, there is an option for a paid version for School and District Wide implementation.

·        The paid version option gives detailed data reports, allows for the portfolio to follow students over their entire school career, provides access to all classroom accounts by an administrator (Principal) and attaches an account manager to the District or School.

·        If your school or district is looking for a larger scale implementation, this option is available at a cost determined by your individual school and district needs.  Contact Seesaw directly to ensure the most up to date quotes.


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