Growth Mindset And Digital Tools: 3 Great Tools

Top 3 Technology Tools and Resources that Make the List!

by: Farheen Zaidi


Many of the teachers and administration today are integrating Carol Dweck’s concept of the Growth Mindset into their schools.  What better way to accomplish this than to using technology tools and resources.  With the infinite possible tools and resources out there, the following are the top three that have proven to be highly effective.

The Mindset Kit

The Mindset Kit is an online resource that consists of activities, lessons, resources, tips, and aid about promoting a healthy growth mindset.  This provides an in-depth understanding of the concepts behind the growth mindset and various techniques of integrating effective methods of promoting a healthy growth mindset into  everyone’s daily lives.

Edutopia’s Growth Mindset Page

Edutopia’s Growth Mindset Page is an extensive source of links to resources for understanding the underlying concepts behind a healthy growth mindset.  Also provides links to numerous online resources that provide strategies to solving challenges that may be encountered when implementing and promoting a healthy growth mindset.  Last but not least, this page also provides links to various online resources that provide educational instructors on how to give effective feedback.

Train Ugly

Train Ugly is an online ‘hub’ where the users can access videos, articles, and resources to help promote a better understanding of a healthy growth mindset.  Furthermore, workshops and tools are provided to educational instructors to aid in implementing a health growth mindset in their classroom.

Author: zfarheen

Farheen is a Masters of Education Graduate. She has a keen interest in understanding and promoting parental involvement with the use of technology inside and outside of the classroom. Her main profession is aiding learners with Mental Health Issues.

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