GoPro is Not Just a Toy! It’s an Education Tool!

by Tyler Pollard

Video is a medium that students respect in schools.  It provides alternatives to linguistic expressions and it is “real world”.  The expression of emotion can take various forms and video photography and music provide necessary avenues for cognitive expression.

What is a GoPro

Go Pro is the world’s most versatile camera, which, in the words of the founder and CEO, “helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others- to celebrate them together. Like a day on the mountain with friends is more meaningful than one spent alone, the sharing of our collective experiences makes our lives more fun”.

You might think of GoPro as just for action sports, but this handy little recorder is great for a variety of purposes — it mounts anywhere (which makes it perfect for hands-free video) but most choose a chest or head mount to create a true point-of-view-experience for the viewer (“10 Flipped Classroom Tools…”, 2014).

My Experience with GoPro

My co-worker and I have been using a GoPro to promote our recruiting company, Canadian Academic Adventures.  To this point, we have posted two videos on our website, one for the Winter and one for Spring, with the goal of representing all four distinct seasons in Sault Ste. Marie.  It is work in progress!

Because we have had so much fun using the GoPro, we have become very curious as to how to extend this technology effectively into the classroom.  Being able to view the class through your students’ eyes is something that teachers rarely have a chance to do!

GoPro in the Classroom

Whether you’re flipping a classroom, recording a lab demonstration, sharing review notes or a study guide online for your class, or just taking part in a video conference, you want a high-quality versatile webcam like the GoPro (“10 Flipped Classroom Tools…”, 2014).

The GoPro is lightweight and non-intrusive.  It has a picture mode as well as diverse video modes, which allows students to select from a variety of frame rates and angles specific to their project or presentation (Moseley, 2015).

GoPro Application in the Classroom

As we were searching for interesting examples of GoPro in the classroom, we came across the following stories.

The first is a post of a teacher using a GoPro in his language learning class at Nagoya University of Foreign studies where he had his students analyze and reflect on different perspectives on how people learn. He had many positive outcomes of using this device including the ability to record instruction, capture teacher/student behavior, and view the class from the student viewpoint.

Another interesting blog post is a teacher using GoPro as a tool for learning observation, in which he easily completed several videos using time-lapse footage and interval shooting.  He then compressed the video into one-minute segments for easy viewing using Camtasia software.

To get an idea of the range of other applications GoPro can have for your classroom, please check out GoPro in Educational Showcase or GoPro in the classroom.  Other interesting links are ISKME, an independent, education non-profit organization, which joined forces with GoPro to host the ISKME GoPro Learning Challenge to inspire creativity inside and outside the classroom using GoPro cameras and Common Sense Media and GoPro which embarked together to put GoPros in the hands of teachers passionate about helping students use video as a learning tool.

Final Thoughts

Based on the above innovations, teachers are using GoPro in a multitude of different ways both inside and outside the classroom.  This technology empowers both the students and the teachers to develop new perspectives on the world, to collaborate, and to have fun with their learning!


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