5 Reasons To Love Using Digital Tools

Why get left behind. Make it happen in your classroom.

By Shirley Merith

Education is changing so rapidly that keeping up with it can be challenging. Anyone who is teaching the 21st century learner has to know that sitting around for long periods of time may no longer add value to the learning process. Digital tools can help promote a deeper understanding of the course material.

Today’s learners need more stimulation inside of the classroom, and online than ever before. Teachers also acknowledge that talking for long periods of time can be draining. Even they get bored of hearing themselves speak. So why continue to suffer the old way when you can have digital tools change your life. Let’s see how this can work in your favour.

1.  Choice

No longer are you limited to only one or two resources. There are so many choices of digital tools available that it can be mind-boggling. One of the first decisions you have to make when choosing a digital tool is to decide what do you want to use the tool for. Is it to teach a lesson, provide collaboration among students, or allow the learners to demonstrate their creativity. Next find the category of digital tool you are looking for. If you need to find a tool that works best for collaborations, you can just search classroom collaboration tools . If you want a digital tool for story telling you can easily find that as well. So search for what you want and I’m sure there will be a tool out there that can suit your needs.

2. Ease of Use

Many of the digital tools available are generally easy to use. Of course, it all depends on what the word “easy” really means. Believe me, a lot of these tools are not that difficult to manoeuvre around. Also, if you get stuck, there are YouTube tutorials on almost all of the digital tools available. So find a tool that you like, and start to test it out.When you do find a good one, always keep in mind that your students also need to be able to easily access and use it.

3. Free

Did I say my favourite word FREE?  Yes, many of these digital tools are free of charge. Of course, some of the free ones have limited functionality, but in most cases what is available is more than satisfactory. If you decide to upgrade the tool to obtain more functions, a cost is usually attached. There are digital tools that have a trial period that can range from 1-30 days if you decide to try them out. Stay away from the ones that ask for a credit card. If you forget to cancel before the time trial is up, in many cases your card will automatically be charged. Good luck getting them to reverse it if you change your mind.

4. Students Love It

This is by far the most important reason to love digital tools. Although students are still learning the material for the course, they are now processing the information through a different platform. What’s good about digital tools, are that they allow students to participate in their own learning. Digital tools such as Join Me or Titan Pad also provide students with the ability to share information with their peers. They can work on projects anywhere at any time either independently or as a part of a group. Digital tools help to make learning fun and engaging, which ultimately keeps students motivated.

5. Educators Love It

The more interactive the lessons are the better the classroom will function. There will be fewer students with their heads buried in their gadgets on social media. Now more students will be focused on the lesson, as it might include other digital tools that they find just as interesting. Not only are teachers engaging their students, they are partnering with them through the learning process. Teachers get to play around as well. Just take a look at all of this technology that can be used to motivate your students. Furthermore, assessments no longer have to be in the traditional format. Digital assessment tools allow you to provide results and feedback in a variety of ways.


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