Snagit – Superb Screen Capture and Recording Tool

Quick and easy-to-use tool to capture pictures and create videos. Very useful inside and outside the classroom.

by Robin Kay


Snagit allows you to quickly capture and store snapshots and videos of your computer screen.  Create high-quality pictures and videos for teaching guides, blogs, social media posts, and, of course, instruction, especially in blended, online, and flipped learning environments.  If you are familiar with basic video controls (e.g., record, pauses, stop), you can easily crop and snap a picture in seconds or record a screencast in minutes.  Snagit provides you with an instant link to your video or you can upload it to YouTube with a simple click of an icon.

Getting Started

I have read this kind of review before.  Easy to use?  Sure if you have been using the tool for years!  I have been using Snagit for years, but lucky for you, they provide a pretty sweet set of short videos to help even the newest of users.  Try this one on recording a video first.  In three and half minutes, you will be ready to go.

Teaching Ideas

These reviews are for educators.  A tool can be easy to use and produce slick graphics and videos, but so what?  How do you use Snagit to improve learning?

Idea 1 – Digital Lesson

Obviously, you can create instructional videos, but a better idea is to wrap them in a digital lesson using BlendSpace, TedEd, or Versal.  Add questions and activities that will direct students toward your intended learning goals.

Idea 2 – Assignment Instructions

This is a simple idea.  Record a video clearly explaining an assignment.  No more last-minute back-and-forth emails about “what are we supposed to do?”. And the “you didn’t say that” excuse is gone because you did – in the video!

Idea 3 – Video Feedback

This might sound time-consuming and a bit crazy, but for certain assignments, video feedback works really well, particularly for blended and online learning. It’s personal, detailed and doesn’t take that much more time than typing digital comments.

Helpful Resources

Cost and Alternatives

You can download and try Snagit for 15 days, then purchase the educational version for a one-time fee (no yearly subscription) of $29.95 (US).  The regular version costs $49.95.

If that is too expensive for you, try Jing.  It’s free, made by the same company (TechSmith©), but only allows you to create 5-minute videos (which may not be a bad thing given the attention span of many students) and it is harder to upload to YouTube.  Still, free is free.

I have also used Screen-Cast-Omatic, which is also free, allows for up to 15-minute videos (who would watch that) and quick upload to YouTube.  However, the company watermark appears on your video.

Author: Dr. Robin Kay

Dr. Robin Kay is currently a Full Professor and the Program Director of Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ontario Institute Of Technology in Oshawa, Canada.

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